08/01/2013 09:18 am ET

Cocktail Layering Tool Makes Impressive Drinks

The Fancy

It's one thing to make a great tasting cocktail. It's a great skill that will serve you well. But if you can make those awesome cocktails look like a work of art, now that will gain you some serious life points.

Layered cocktails are an impressive type of drink that not just anyone can master. They require a steady pour and a lot of confidence. If you're lacking one of those qualities (or both) you might want to considering investing in a cocktail layering tool.

The cocktail layering tool is the ultimate cheat in making work-of-art cocktails. (But don't worry, we won't tell.) It takes care of the slow, controlled pour of liquid into your glass, and let's you worry about nothing more but the ingredients. It looks like magic, we know, but there's no witchcraft going on here. Layered cocktails work off of basic science (heavier liquids like syrups sink to the bottom and lighter ones float to the top).

If you're into the layered cocktail look and have shaky hands, you can get the cocktail layering tool at The Fancy for $15. If the thought of having yet another gadget in your kitchen is too much to bear, just take a deep breath and pour slow. You'll get the hang of layering cocktails. And if it takes you a few rounds of practice to get there, even better.

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