The 15 Most Inspiring Photos Of Whatever The F*ck (PHOTOS)

08/01/2013 10:55 am ET

Time to get inspired or whatever.

1. Whale doing this thing. majestic

2. This appears to be some kind of waterfall. waterfall

3. OK, sure. mountain climbing

4. This footprint is pretty nice. footprint

5. Mountain things. arctic

6. Looks like we got ourselves a deer. deer

7. Getting all up in some wheat feels pretty good. wheat

8. Trees -- great. redwoods

9. This rock's got a hole. So that's something. inspiration

10. Yes, we get it. sun hand

11. More of this. mountains

12. Have to throw in your standard Earth shot. earth

13. This woman seems to be pretty into whatever this is. inspiration

14. And... a boat. Why not. sunset

15. Look at this f*cking eagle. flying eagle

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