08/01/2013 10:10 am ET | Updated Aug 01, 2013

Astronomer Maria Mitchell Honored With A Google Doodle


Thursday's Google Doodle honors the first professional woman astronomer, Maria Mitchell, who would be 195-years-old today.

Google's lovely doodle shows an illustration of Mitchell, perched on a rooftop, observing the stars and comets with a telescope. It's just the way she discovered "Miss Mitchell's Comet" in 1847, sneaking away from a party to peer out into the sky.

Mitchell is the second female scientist Google has doodled in the past month. The search engine celebrated astrophysicist Rosalind Franklin on July 25.

Today, Mitchell's legacy lives on in her birthplace of Nantucket at the Maria Mitchell Association, which operates two observatories, a science museum, and an aquarium. Mitchell also has an asteroid named after her, discovered in 1937 by German astronomer A. Bohrmann who named it "MItchella."

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