Chris Evans Directing Romance '1:30 Train' Before 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'

08/02/2013 08:49 am ET

Chris Evans might not know who Ultron is, but the "Avengers" star has certainly seen "Before Sunrise." According to, Evans will make his directorial debut with "1:30 Train," a romance about "two strangers who meet in Manhattan and spend one night together." The great Ron Bass ("Rain Man," "My Best Friend's Wedding," "When A Man Loves A Woman") wrote the script.

For Evans, it would provide an opportunity to do an indie film before heading into the madness that is "The Avengers: Age of Ultron."

"The process of making the film is what I love -- more than the final product," Evans told Moviefone in 2011. "The problem with big tent-pole movies is that you spend six hours of your day in a trailer. That's a lot of hurry up and wait. You might get through two pages of dialogue in a day. [On indies] you are going to get through eight pages of dialogue in a day. You go home and you're like, 'I made a movie today. I made a movie. I acted in a film. I was hired to perform a service and I had to be on my toes and I had to perform well today.'"

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