"Let Us Play With Your Look" is one of our favorite recurring "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" sketches if only because it seems to have no regard for anything other than its own weirdness.

Previous creepy-alien-makeover-artists have included the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Anne Hathaway. This time around, Fallon gets help from "Breaking Bad's" Bryan Cranston.

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  • Speed Limit?

    I don't think so.

  • Saucy Straw

    This Capri Sun flavor is almost as wild as he is.

  • Junior Mints Is Grown Up

    And he's not afraid to rebel.

  • Say Cheese!

    Because civil action doesn't frighten everyone.

  • Break Me Off A Piece Of That Kit Kat Bar

    Why break it, when you can bite it?

  • Silverware, Don't Care

    He's a fork pusher and he can't be stopped.

  • Bills, Bills, Bills

    Bill Hader, you're next.

  • Scandalous Seagull

    "I don't look like that guy."

  • You're NOT Welcome

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • A Young Rebel

    When you're this cute you can get away with anything.

  • This Is A Test

    A test she will not pass.

  • It's A Sign

    A sign that he doesn't read the fine print.

  • Well, Guess What?

    A razor is the only tool he uses.

  • Sassy Step

    With sneakers like these, rules don't apply.

  • The Healthiest Risk Taker

    Consuming 2 servings of fruit makes you feel dangerous.

  • So Strong

    Who needs two hands?

  • No Dumping Allowed

    Those toilets say otherwise.

  • Right, Left?

    It doesn't matter when you're a rebel.

  • And Finally: A Celebrity Rebel

    Keanu Reeves loiters where he pleases.