It's summertime and everyone's looking for new ways to beat the heat. Forget those horribly inconvenient window AC units you're convinced will fall out your window and kill someone! Here's fifteen cool (literally!) products to keep you and your loved ones from melting this summer.

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  • Travelon 3 - Speed Personal Folding Fan

    Holding a fan by yourself can be very difficult. Luckily Amazon sells a personal fan that hangs from your neck, fanning your face so you don't have to.

  • Cool On The Go - Versatile Hands-Free Personal Cooling Device

    In case the previous fan necklace wasn't large enough, here is another option. This one is a larger, bulkier and stranger shape, but far more versatile. You can wear it as a necklace and strap it to things like your baby's car seat. It comes in both white <em>and </em>blue! Awesome.

  • Personal Cooling System 3.0

    If you're more of the minimalist type, Amazon also sells a very small, discrete and cool looking choker that cools you down.

  • Cooling Neck Wrap

    In case you wanted an even more fashionable neck cooling system...

  • Replacement Hot/Cold Mat

    Amazon sells this, not sure really sure what it's supposed to be other than a cold ice cube floor.

  • Cool Off Towelettes

    Aren't these just baby wipes?

  • Solarsafe Stroller , Playard & Pack 'n Play Net

    In case you're worried about your baby getting hot, don't worry, there's this weird dark sheet to put over their stroller. It provides 85% UV sun protection, and will also prevent them from seeing the outdoors and make it look like they're en route to a funeral.

  • Cooling Cool Wrist Wrap

    If you're one of those people prone to overheating wrists, this is a fun way to keep your wrists cool.

  • Solar Powered Fan Hat

    Another cool fan you don't have to hold: the solar powered fan hat! Walk around, look awesome, and get fanned on your forehead without having to move at all.

  • The Evaporative Cooling Cap

    If you don't like the fan hat, you could also fill a hat with water which will freeze and weigh as much as a brick on your head all day.

  • Ice Bandana

    Or, if you're not too into hats, just wear a bandana with ice in it. You'll look normal. And when it starts to melt, it'll be really awesome.

  • Visor Head Cover

    And if you want a more fashionable head cover...

  • Flexi Freeze Ice Vest

    Not only does it look like a bullet proof vest, but for everyone who has wondered what it would be like to wear ice trays as clothing, now is your chance to find out. It's going to be really cool (hehe, literally!) to see what happens when it melts. Who doesn't love carrying twenty pounds of water around on their body?

  • Fan Umbrella

    Because if holding a fan, wearing one on your neck and/or in your hat isn't enough, you can also hold a massive umbrella which will fan you from a foot above your head.