Cara Delevingne's Movie: What Will This Rumored Project Look Like? (PHOTOS)

08/05/2013 03:12 pm ET

The Daily Mail has spoken to a dubious source that claims hard-partying model Cara Delevingne has garnered her first starring film role, about -- wait for it -- "rich kids who live a wild lifestyle filled with parties and drugs."

"Kids in Love," which the Mail's source says is set in London, doesn't sound too far removed from the model's daily routine; as the friend says, "Some aspects of the storyline will not be a particularly big stretch for Cara."

We can't help but agree. Behold, the following Cara scandals we think would make great dramatic fodder in a film script:

Was it? Wasn't it? What's it like being accused of drug use, anyway?

The rumored fallout with her "wifey," Rita Ora.

cara rita

We know that breakups with BFFs pack more drama than Lifetime TV movies.

Partying with Rihanna.

The only thing crazier than one party girl is two party girls.

Her burgeoning tattoo addiction.

Three tattoos in as many months is a bit excessive, no?

Being momentarily linked to Leonardo DiCaprio...


harry styles


We're only a little jealous.

And, um, what's it like to model?

In conclusion, we REALLY hope this rumor is true. A Cara Delevingne semi-biopic would be the best film of the year.

The face that launched a thousand ships:

The Many Faces Of Cara Delevingne

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