08/05/2013 03:32 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

Giant Albino Burmese Python Found Eating Cat Skull In Florida Shed (VIDEO)

A Florida man made a bone-chilling discovery Sunday night while cleaning out his shed at his Hialeah home: a giant albino Burmese python eating a cat skull.

Watch the WSVN video above to see thrilling footage of the 13-foot, 100-pound invasive species.

"Speaking with the neighbors, apparently there's a couple of rabbits and a cat missing from the neighborhood recently," Lt. Lisa Wood of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom Unit told the news station, "so the snake may be to blame for that."

CBS News reports that the homeowner, who is missing one of his three cats, witnessed the snake eating a feline skull.

Burmese pythons have been an ongoing problem in South Florida, where their invasive population of 150,000 threatens the local ecosystem.

Earlier this year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission even held a Python Challenge encouraging people to hunt and kill the species with rewards for the most and largest one caught.

The competition only netted 68 snakes.

Months later, a Kendall man captured the largest python ever caught in Florida -- a serpent of almost 19 feet.

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