08/05/2013 09:59 am ET | Updated Oct 05, 2013

Martone Cycling Co., Coolest Bicycles Ever, Now Available In Miami At Alchemist (PHOTOS)

The world's most show-stopping bicycles have vintage styling, built-in baskets, killer paint jobs, a chic red chain, and a new home in Miami Beach.

Meet the lineup from Martone Cycling Co., the brainchild of fashion PR exec Lorenzo Martone and the most eye-popping collection to ever hit city streets. Inspired by fashion and with an eye for design, Martone launched the line earlier this year for urban cyclists who demand performance -- each bike is powered by SRAM’S duomatic gear system-- but desire beauty and personality, too.

Of course, that's right up Miami's alley. There's no fun like biking around the Beach, but let's face it: Deco Bikes aren't exactly turning heads, and we're all about looks down here. That's why we love MCC so much: both men's and women's versions come in stark white, black, silver, or uber-bright tomato red or glitzy gold. And each sports matching tires, a signature red chain, and a handlebar basket that holds up to 20 pounds of picnic snacks, yoga mats, or shopping bags.

They're guaranteed to draw stares and start conversations -- and what's not to love about that? Karl Lagerfeld himself bought two (one silver and one red) from Parisian boutique Collette.

martone cycling co miami

Martone said he dreamed up the line after realizing his bicycle would have to be stored in his West Village living room, where everyone would see it. But the sculptural quality translates on the go, too:

"I strongly believe that choosing a bike should be a reflection of your personal style," he told Refinery 29. "I designed bikes in monochromatic tones because I feel you can pair your favorite color to the outfits you want to wear -- matching or not matching. If you choose an all-white, all-gold, or all-red bike, that will say something about your personality, n'est–ce pas?

"A bike is a bold statement of choice of lifestyle, so the design should follow. My advice is to choose a bike that will say something about who you are!"

Fortunately, Miamians can now choose their colors in person. With a launch party during Swim Week, Martone unveiled his bikes at Alchemist on Lincoln Road. Head over to the Alchemest space in the 1111 building to pick a color in person, or order your own ($899) at

Martone Cycling Company Miami Launch