08/05/2013 08:57 am ET

Spicy Tuna Bowl By LEAFtv Is Making Us Hungry For Sushi (VIDEO)

You know a recipe is simple when the video version only takes one minute. This spicy tuna bowl by LEAFtv is just that. This spicy-tuna-roll-inspired rice bowl really only takes as long as cooking up a pot of rice. This recipe is for one, but it would be incredibly easy to double it.

To make this at home, make sure you're getting sushi grade tuna from your fish monger, pick up a bottle of Kewpie Mayo (actually, just do that anyway) and go to town. It will be cheaper than a trip to your local sushi joint, plus you'll be able to control the heat, spice, salt, etc. Check out how easy and gorgeous this recipe is.

This recipe would also be delicious with sushi-grade salmon, lightly poached shrimp or lobster, etc. We're getting carried away. We'll calm down by making ourselves a spicy tuna bowl straight away.

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