Star Wars Filibuster: Patton Oswalt's Rant Gets Animated By Nerdist (VIDEO)

08/05/2013 04:28 pm ET

Last April, Patton Oswalt stole our hearts with an improvised eight-minute pitch for the next "Star Wars" sequel, during an unforgettable guest appearance on "Parks And Recreation". The filibuster, which aimed to deter Leslie Knope, struck a cord with both political junkies and nerds alike.

The creatives behind Nerdist have cooked up a special treat for YouTube's Geek Week, animating Oswalt's monologue. And while the parody is spot on, this isn't the first time Oswalt's performance has gotten an animated treatment. A video with the same premise by YouTuber Izac Less went viral back in May.

Clearly, the internet just can't get enough of Patton Oswalt.

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