Stockholm Celebrates Gay Pride 2013 (PHOTOS)

08/05/2013 02:18 pm 14:18:51 | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Sweden just celebrated Stockholm Gay Pride and from the looks of the photos below, it was quite the party!

Stockholm Pride is always a highlight of the summer for Sweden's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. It spans over a long weekend that includes theme nights at local clubs (Eurovision night!), performances (this year Agnetha from ABBA headlined!) and a giant parade that treks across the city. This year the parade was not only a time to celebrate but also an opportunity to draw attention to LGBT rights and to speak out for those in our community who are facing hardships, like our queer brothers and sisters in Russia.

Stop reading and flip through the slideshow below to see how the Swedish do Pride! And for more info on all that Stockholm has to offer LGBT tourists, click here.

2013 Stockholm Gay Pride
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