Happy Birthday, Andy Warhol! Here Are 22 Ways To Reimagine Your Iconic Banana (PHOTOS)

08/06/2013 08:01 am ET

Andy Warhol had a knack for turning unmistakably mundane items like soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles into pop art icons. But there is perhaps no other reappropriated grocery item better than Mr. Warhol's beloved banana.

It graced the cover of a Velvet Underground album and has fetched nearly $100,000 at auction. It's safe to say the screen printed piece of fruit has become nearly as famous as its eccentric maker.

andy warhol banana

To celebrate the banana -- and what would have been Andy Warhol's 85th birthday -- a group of 22 contemporary artists gathered to put their best spin on the slender yellow fruit. From Frank Correa to Izzie Klingels, the selected artists and designers paid tribute with plenty of appearances by Andy, Edie, Bananas in Pyjamas, naked women and other psychedelic imaginings.

Commissioned by Société Perrier (the organization that made their very own Andy Warhol water bottle), it's a delightful homage to the pop art king. We're certain he would have been tickled to see the object receive more than its fair share of 15 minutes of fame.

Scroll through some of the images below and let us know how you are celebrating Andy Warhol's birthday in the comments. For the full list of all 22 artworks, click here.

andy rough Ben Montero

andy warhol banana Ben Branagan

andy warhol banana Darwin Rodriguez

andy warhol banana Izzie Klingels

andy warhol banana Amanda Manitach

andy warhol banana Ryan Humphrey

andy warhol banana Ashley Lande

andy warhol banana Grady Gordon

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