Think your post-divorce dating life is a mess?

It could be so much worse. Last week, we featured 14 real-life date conversations that were so awkward we couldn't help but feel secondhand embarrassment for those involved.

Not to be outdone, HuffPost readers headed to the comment section and weighed in with the most insane things ever said to them during a date. Click through the slideshows below for some of the best/worst date convos from readers, then tell us about your worst dating experiences in the comments.

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  • "She forced me to watch a movie called 'Waiting to Exhale' with her. There was part in the movie where the lead female character sets a man's stuff on fire, at which point, she turned to me and said, 'That's what's going to happen to your stuff.'" <a href="" target="_blank">-seeing11s</a>

  • "First date, guy says to me during dinner 'I groom myself. Down there.'" -<a href="" target="_blank">bemuuuused</a>

  • "'I am all out of my meds so I may act a little weird.' And she did." -<a href="" target="_blank">David_Ewers</a>

  • "I just quit my job as an attorney to pursue my rap career." <a href="" target="_blank">-rilltalk</a>

  • "On a first date a friend complimented his date on the beautiful pattern on her hose. She replied, 'They aren't patterned. I don't shave my legs.' The date went downhill from there." -<a href="" target="_blank">Michael_Wolohan_Bierbaum</a>

  • "'You should join my singles group.' That was told to me in the middle of dinner during a first date with someone. At that point I realized the 'date' part of the evening was officially over, and I was just buying a woman dinner. ;-)" <a href="" target="_blank">-mr_e_vader</a>

  • "'Well, that wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it was going to be.' Yeah, I said that. Facepalm." <a href="" target="_blank">-brrite</a>

  • "I had this date with a nice dude. We went for a walk and it was going all right until he just said something in Spanish (he was not Spanish speaking) very meaningfully. I don't understand Spanish so I asked him what he was saying. He started crying and said he said 'I love you.' It was very weird." -<a href="" target="_blank">nonChristian</a>

  • "I once had a date with a man who took me to the most expensive restaurant in town. He bragged about how he screwed his ex out of assets, money, property, etc. with all the details! I proceeded to order the most expensive food, wine and dessert, excused myself to visit the loo, called a cab, went home, and contacted his former wife that night. They had been the local 'power couple.' I wasn't thrilled to testify some months later for the wife but she got what she deserved, and oh boy! So did he. Big time." -<a href="" target="_blank">gramananagoldy</a>

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