08/06/2013 05:19 am ET Updated Aug 06, 2013

'Teen Wolf': Jennifer Blake Revealed As Killer, Former Druid Emissary, And Hideously Scarred (VIDEO)

A big reveal about the lovely teacher, Jennifer Blake, on "Teen Wolf" didn't really help the situation of Stiles' missing dad much. In fact, it made the situation far worse, and ultimately led to Scott's mom joining the good sheriff in captivity. And all because Scott and Stiles know the truth about Jennifer.

Sure, she may look beautiful and say nice things, but she's really rather scarred and hideous. Oh, and she's the killer, as well. Turns out, Jennifer was really Julia and she was also Kali's druid emissary, and now she's a darach. This came as news to everyone, as Deucalion was under the impression that Kali had killed Julia, as she was supposed to.

Kali nearly killed her, but ultimately, left her lying near a tree (stump) of power -- something Jennifer called the nemeton. When Derek killed his virgin lover there, it infused the roots with enough power to save Jennifer's life, if not her beauty, and transformed her into ... whatever she is now.

In the end, Jennifer got away with Scott's mother, leading to an ultimatum with Deucalion. He wants Jennifer/Julia dead. Scott and Stiles want their parents back.

“Let me help you, Scott. Let’s help each other," Deucalion said. "You help me catch [Jennifer], and I’ll help you get your mother and Stiles’ father back." Buddy TV's Morgan Glennon cheekily wrote that she was a little disappointed Deucalion's speech didn't involve him screaming, "DEMON WOLF!" while surrounded by fog again.

Stiles tried to tell Scott not to take the offer, but Scott said, "I don’t know what else to do.”

Will he give himself over to Deucalion ... to save the guardians?" asked Hollywood Life's Andy Swift. "It definitely looks like [Scott] is willing to give into [Deucalion's] demands.”

Find out what happens next as Season 3 of "Teen Wolf" continues, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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