Joe Scarborough: MSNBC, Fox News 'Exactly The Same' At Night (VIDEO)

08/07/2013 09:04 am ET | Updated Aug 07, 2013

Joe Scarborough said on Wednesday that MSNBC was "exactly the same" as Fox News during the evenings.

Scarborough was discussing the controversy over the Republican National Committee's call for CNN and NBC to cancel their upcoming programs about Hillary Clinton. RNC chair Reince Priebus has said that he will bar both networks from the 2016 GOP debate season if they don't comply.

Brzezinski said that since Republicans had Fox News in their corner, Preibus should back off.

"Until Reince Priebus is demanding that Fox do some really great pieces on Democrats and documentaries, I’m not sure it is completely a perfect argument," she said.

“What about MSNBC?" Scarborough said. "Every time you bring up Fox, you’ve to bring up MSNBC." Brzezinski said the two were different, and that Fox News was a "mouthpiece for the Republican Party."

“I can’t be quiet here," Scarborough shot back. "What do you think MSNBC is at night?"

"It's not the same at all," Brzezinski said.

"It is exactly the same!" Scarborough said.

He joked that he was going to need to call his agent after saying that. "Joe, it's been a great run," Willie Geist said.

"My career's over," Scarborough said.

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