Karlie Kloss 'Too Famous' To Walk In Runway Shows Now

08/07/2013 11:49 am ET

Christy, Naomi, Cindy... and Karlie. Yup, the era of the supermodel is back, and we have Karlie Kloss to thank.

The 21-year-old has taken the runways by storm with her signature walk, cropped haircut and feminine pout. But it turns out that you can have too much of a good thing -- just ask the designers who refuse to cast her in their Fashion Week shows. In an interview for the September issue of Vanity Fair, Kloss dishes about the number one reason she gets passed over by design houses.

I asked Kloss, 21, "What is the top excuse designers give for not using you in a show?" "'You are too famous,'" she said immediately, eyes rolling. "'No one will pay attention to the clothes.'"

What a problem to have, huh? At least the Victoria's Secret Angel has her sights set on life beyond the modeling world. Her burgeoning gluten-free cookie business with Momofuku doubles as a charity organization, and she's mentioned that Harvard medical or business school is "in the plan." But something tells us that we'll be seeing her in the pages of Vogue for at least a little while longer.

Do you think Karlie Kloss' runway days are numbered?

You can see why people love her:

Karlie Kloss

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