08/07/2013 02:01 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

Robyn Lawley: Kate Moss' Figure Isn't Responsible For Damaging Women

Few fashion industry insiders get it as right as Robyn Lawley does. The plus-size model is a veritable treasure trove of body image wisdom, and she's shared another nugget in her recent interview with Hunger.

When asked about whether or not to blame the waif-thin models themselves for "damaging women," Lawley was quick to point out that accepting all body types -- from skinny to plus-size to everything in between -- is what's most important. She even shows sympathy for a fellow model with a very different plight:

"I think if that's your natural frame you shouldn't be held accountable for damaging women. Kate Moss got labeled as an anorexic, even though she said she wasn't, it was just her natural body type. However, the damage occurs when the media continues to only use images of excessively thin women and no other variant sizing."

Coming from the woman who said that the "heroin-chic look isn’t my cup of tea," the defense of Kate Moss' frame is particularly poignant. After all, many blame Moss for pushing the fashion world away from the va-va-voom supermodel era of the late '80s and into the paper-thin, androgynous era of the '90s.

But clever Lawley points out that we must shift the focus off of body types and labels in general, something that is hard to do when the world is consistently bombarded with images of exceptionally thin women (not to mention limiting guides for real women on how to identify their own shapes). It's certainly an uphill battle, but Lawley is already proving to be quite the tireless soldier.

Do you think the media is to blame for the "damaging" images or so models -- skinny and curvy -- bear some responsibility as well?

Clearly, Robyn has nothing to be insecure about:

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