Reince Priebus To Mika Brzezinski: I Wouldn't 'Have You Moderate The Republican Debate' (VIDEO)

08/08/2013 03:18 pm 15:18:17

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Things got chilly on Thursday's "Morning Joe" when Reince Priebus told her that he would never ask her to moderate a Republican debate.

Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, was on the show to defend his threat to boycott NBC News during the 2016 debates over CNN and NBC's respective projects about the former Secretary of State. Brzezinski argued that there was a difference between NBC News and the entertainment division of NBC, which is planning a miniseries about Clinton.

"My point is you expected an honest and fair conversation here even though we're a part of NBC," she told Priebus.

"I'm not going to have you moderate the Republican debate," Priebus answered. When Nicole Wallace asked why not, he said, "Because you’re not actually interested in the future of the Republican Party and our nominees. That’s not a slam on you, Mika, but I have to choose moderators that are actually interested in the Republican Party and our nominees... It’s not going to be NBC, if they continue to go forward with this miniseries."

"I think Mika would be great," Joe Scarborough added.

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