Photos Of Artists And Dogs And The Smithsonian Make Our Tails Wag

08/09/2013 05:19 pm ET | Updated Aug 09, 2013

Hey, look -- it's Pablo Picasso, his daughter and a dog!

pablo picasso dog

Just when you thought artists couldn't get more cuddly, or dogs more sophisticated, the Smithsonian's Archives of American Art has come out with the "dog days of summer" photo series, featuring images of creatives with their canine companions. (The photos often show homo sapien family members as well.)

Here are some shots from the collection -- you can see the whole set online here:

Artists With Dogs

And you can contribute to it. The Smithsonian's put out a call for artists to send in photos of themselves with dogs -- email your most waggy and accomplished pics to dogdays@si.edu.

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