08/09/2013 01:09 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2013

Dale Bentley, Accused Drunk Driver, Dances His Way Through Sobriety Test (VIDEO)

Some people who get pulled over for drunk driving try to give the officers a song and dance.

Dale Bentley just tried dancing.

Police in Gahanna, Ohio, pulled Bentley over on Sunday for speeding, but it's his fancy footwork that is making him a viral sensation.

When the officers decided to give him a sobriety test, Bentley danced his way through it, and his smoking moves were caught on the dash cams, WTSP-TV reported.

The complete video shows Bentley doing an act worthy of an old-time vaudeville entertainer. Besides dancing and twirling, he makes jokes with the officer, and, as put it, he explains his fondness for a certain part of the anatomy of a certain girl he was with at a bar earlier in the night.

He also showed a gift of psychic ability, telling officers, "Goddamn, man, you're just going to arrest me."

However, his big finish won't win any applause from the peanut gallery: The breathalyzer showed his blood alcohol content at 0.24, three times more than Ohio's legal limit, according to

Bentley was charged with OVI, failure to comply with a police officer and speeding.

He pleaded not guilty during an initial court appearance on Thursday and was released to his wife on $164 bail. He is due back in court on September 5th, WTAM-TV reported.

Although Bentley's dancing video has gone viral, he's not talking about it.

An Ohio TV station knocked on his door a few days after the incident to ask him about it and he denied the interview request, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

When the reporter asked him if he remembered dancing, he replied, "No."


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