08/09/2013 05:24 am ET | Updated Aug 09, 2013

'Project Runway': Safe Contestant Quits After Demanding Feedback, Then Getting Negative Remarks (VIDEO)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson loves a good bow tie -- so much so that he has his own line of them, Tie the Knot -- and he dropped by "Project Runway" as a guest judge for a challenge where designers had to incorporate bow ties from his line into their work. Should be the recipe for a light-hearted and fun episode, right? Not so fast.

Designer Sandro was declared safe, but he still wanted some feedback on his work. So, the judges acquiesced. Unfortunately, their comments weren't all that positive. Zac Posen said the dress looked like "the walk of shame after an awards show,” and Heidi Klum said she wouldn't wear it. Of course, none of this mattered as Sandro was already safe.

Except that it did matter to Sandro. He completely lost it after the negative feedback, flipping off the cameras, cursing, throwing off his mic pack and starting to tear down curtains. He even threatened to smash one of the cameras. After his disturbing outburst, Sandro went missing and then eliminated himself from the competition.

The Wall Street Journal's Sarah Elizabeth Tooker thought Sandro's scene was an "act of sheer stupidity." Annie Barrett, from Entertainment Weekly, was stunned too, but she said she did understand a little why Sandro was frustrated. "I do see where Sandro’s coming from re: wanting ANY commentary after one has been declared safe," she wrote. "The lack of judges’ insight has always struck me as a disadvantage for the designers who are consistently in the middle of the pack. But that’s just the way it’s always been, and this isn’t the Sandro show.”

"Project Runway" continues -- without Sandro -- on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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CORRECTION: This post has been edited to accurately reflect that Sandro reacted behind the scenes and not in front of the panel.


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