08/11/2013 10:07 am ET

Nate Berkus Shares Easy And Stylish Tips For Creating A Relaxing Bedroom Retreat (VIDEO)

Although ideally a bedroom should be a space of calm, peacefulness and serenity, with most people's busy lifestyles, there's a good chance that this room isn't any of those things. That's where Nate Berkus comes to the rescue. He shared a video on Country Living's site with five tips for making this space a place where you actually can recharge and relax. And he makes it look so simple!

For example, Berkus suggests choosing fabrics in soothing tones and textures, not busy prints, to use for a headboard or even for slipcovering bedside tables. (Who knew?) And he also encouraged the idea of creating a cozy reading nook as a place to unwind. Watch the video above for the rest of his tricks and you'll be sleeping in spa-like bliss in no time.

Want to add a little romance to this space? Click through the slideshow below for inspiration:

Romantic Bedrooms
Romantic Bedrooms

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