'Bon Appetit' Names The 10 Best New Restaurants Of 2013 (VIDEO)

08/12/2013 02:18 pm 14:18:03 | Updated Aug 12, 2013

Bon Appetit has announced its annual list of the "Hot 10" new restaurants in the country. These 10 hot spots were narrowed down from a list of 50 nominations selected by Andrew Knowlton, the magazine's restaurant and drink editor.

Knowlton named Alma, a 39-seat restaurant in Los Angeles, his number one pick. "At Alma, I'd experienced something special -- that unique moment when potential meets skill and anything seems possible. I saw a star born," he wrote.

Here are the top 10 new restaurants in the country:

10. Aska: Brooklyn, NY

9. The Whale Wins & Joule: Seattle, WA

7. The Optimist: Atlanta, GA

6. The Pass & Provisions: Houston, TX

5. Ava Gene's: Portland, OR

4. Fat Rice: Chicago, IL

3. Rolf & Daughters: Nashville, TN

2. Saison: San Francisco, CA

1. Alma: Los Angeles, CA

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