08/13/2013 07:51 am ET | Updated Aug 13, 2013

Helen Gurley Brown Was Wearing Miniskirts, Working Out And Dancing The Tango At 80 (VIDEO)

Much has been said about Helen Gurley Brown's fearless approach to life, but what really set her apart from her industry peers was a simultaneous embrace and resistance to age. No matter what year it was -- 1962, when her best-seller "Sex And The Single Girl" was published, or 2002, the time of the above interview -- you could find Gurley Brown living it up and, well, having a great time. She always wore a miniskirt, she constantly went out and, by all accounts, had the confidence to be filmed working out in a spandex unitard.

Today, we pay tribute to Gurley Brown (who passed away on this day last year) with a very entertaining peek into her 80th year. What's your favorite memory of the incomparable Cosmopolitan editor?

Helen Gurley Brown