08/13/2013 12:21 pm ET Updated Aug 14, 2013

Huge Cat Shaved: Reddit User Gives Matted, 25-Pound Kitty A Much-Needed Haircut (PHOTOS)

There are a lot of messy cats out there, but this fine feline was just begging for a haircut.

A Reddit user who says she works at a veterinarian's office said that this 25-pound cat came to her a mess of matted hair, so she had no option but to shave it all off.

The cat was placed under sedation and groomed with clippers. Naturally, she documented the before-and-after. Despite its abnormal size and the poor condition of its coat, the cat was tested and found to be in good health -- minus a bit of dandruff. She wrote:

"[When] the cat came in we assumed it had diabetes. Bloodwork revealed it was perfectly healthy. I think the owners fell on some hard times with money because we had to work with him on keeping the cost low. The other cat that he brought in didn't have any matting."

Don't forget to groom your cat!



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