Osamu Yokonami Explores Group Dynamic In Hypnotic Photo Series (PHOTOS)

08/13/2013 09:04 am ET

Funny how a couple of uniforms can turn an innocent beach frolic into something far more sinister. Osamu Yokonami photographs the eerie visual effects of a group dynamic, the results echoing everything from "The Sound Of Music" or "Moonrise Kingdom" to "The Virgin Suicides."


The Japanese photographer combines light-drenched landscapes with undisclosed characters in matching regalia to create mysterious scenarios that could be anything from a school field trip to a cult ritual. The unsettling and gorgeous photographs are a delightful juxtaposition to painter Jennie Ottinger's most recent series, which also focuses on the dark aspects of the group dynamic.


Yokonami's photographs combine a cheery notion of childhood with an underlying sense of unease. Like in the featured series, many of Yokonami's other subject matter addresses how clothing can affect a given mood, narrative or visual effect. In a particularly captivating set, the Kyoto-born photographer captures children donning clown and geisha costumes, giving the childhood tradition of playing "dress up" a hint of the uncanny.


See the remainder of the group photos below and let us know if they resonate more with your dreams or nightmares in the comments.