08/14/2013 01:34 pm ET

'Pitch Perfect' Holiday Album Coming Soon, Obviously


Silver Bellas? According to "Pitch Perfect" co-star Hana Mae Lee, the cast of last year's beloved a cappella comedy will reunite to record a holiday album this year. MTV confirmed the news with Universal, but the studio declined to provide details like a release date or track listing.

The "Pitch Perfect" soundtrack has exploded since the film was released on Sept. 28 of 2012. As of Aug. 7, the album had spent 23 weeks as the highest-ranking soundtrack on the Billboard chart, selling 838,000 copies. A radio version of Anna Kendrick's "Cups ('Pitch Perfect's' When I'm Gone)" has been in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 for five straight weeks.

"Just need you to know that I get it too, guys," the 28-year-old star wrote on Twitter about the song's success. "It's very very odd."

[via MTV]


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