08/14/2013 02:13 pm ET

Recycle A Bottle For Free Peep Show At Astra Bottletheatre In Hamburg (VIDEO)

Need a hot incentive to recycle? Get to the St. Pauli red-light district in Hamburg, Germany.

Beer brand Astra rigged a vending machine to offer a live peep show and other acts for every used beer bottle returned.

As the video above shows, nightly bacchanals left the area a mess. So Astra thought novel entertainment in exchange for an environmentally kind deed could rid the streets of empties.

Once customers deposit a bottle, they might get a strip-tease -- or two guys with ukuleles.

St. Pauli now has less litter than ever, according to the video. Here's to hoping that Astra's eco-publicity stunt will inspire others to clean up their act.

Other cities have launched innovative recycling programs (though not as out there as Astra's). In Mexico City, for example, residents can exchange their recyclables for credit at a farmers market, CNN reports.

Meanwhile, Houston is moving forward with a "one bin for all" plan, which would make it easier for residents to recycle. People can stuff both recyclables and trash into one container and have everything sorted at plants called "dirty mixed materials recycling facilities."

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