08/14/2013 06:27 pm ET

Ryan Gosling Strips Down To His Underwear In Deleted Scene From 'Place Beyond The Pines' (VIDEO)

Ladies and gents, prepare for a Ryan Gosling droolfest to end all droolfests.

On Tuesday, Perez Hilton prompted some serious swooning when he posted a juicy GIF of Gosling stripping down to his undies. "Gosling's naked body too hot for 'Place Beyond The Pines!" the celebrity blogger declared.

ryan gosling

Indeed, the GIF captures a snapshot of a deleted scene from the 2013 film "The Place Beyond The Pines." That sexy scene, together with a couple of other deleted moments from the movie, was first released to the public last month.

Described as an "epic family crime drama," the film -- which came out on DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 6 -- has been well-received by movie critics and casual viewers alike. Gosling, together with his co-star Bradley Cooper, have been singled out for their top-notch performances.

The Guardian's Phillip French called Gosling's performance in the film "moving" and "unsentimental," while the New York Times' A.O. Scott said the audience is "rewarded" by the 32-year-old heartthrob's on-screen skills.

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Cooper said this of working with Gosling for the movie:

He far surpassed what I had hoped for. It felt like I was getting in the ring with a real motherf-cker. He's generous and sweet and no-bullshit and he had no weird antics -- he just works the way I like to work, too. I thought, "This just feels like home."

Watch one of Ryan Gosling's deleted scenes from "Place Beyond The Pines" here (scroll to 2:32 to see Gosling shimmy out of his clothes):


Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling