Sofia Vergara Talks Wedding Plans: 'Maybe I'll Just Do Something Really Tiny' (VIDEO)

08/15/2013 04:18 pm 16:18:15 | Updated Aug 15, 2013

Sofia Vergara wants a tiny wedding, or so she says.

“I did such a big party for my 40th birthday, that now either I do something really small or something even better than that,” said the star.

Vergara did go all out for the big 4-0 party last year. The star danced all night with over 100 guests, tequila bottles with her face on them and fireworks. There's a video to prove it.

So this time around things might be a bit less over the top. “I’m giving myself time. Maybe I’ll just do something really tiny, like my son and my mother and that’s it,” she said.

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