08/16/2013 08:50 am ET

Elvis Presley's Graceland Mansion Has Plenty Of Paisley And A Few Haters (PHOTOS)

Today, we're looking back at Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion as we pay tribute to "The King" (who died on this day in 1977). Presley spent twenty years at the nearly 14-acre estate, modifying the home to fit his...particular...taste. Think: The famous gate with musical notes, a meditation garden and the famous "Jungle Room," which was subsequently turned into a recording studio.

While Presley wasn't exactly known for a sedate, minimal sense of style, this hasn't prevented a detractor or two from completely ripping into the decor of Graceland. “It appears to have been lifted from some turn-of-the-century bordello down in the French Quarter of New Orleans," said Albert Goldman, author of 1981's "Elvis." In the book "Dead Elvis: A Chronicle of a Cultural Obsession," author Greil Marcus sums it up as "Tacky, garish, tasteless -- words others translate as white trash."


While we wouldn't have made the same choices at Graceland, we celebrate Presley's dedication to his singular personal style -- and making a space that made him happy. For a peek inside the mansion, click through the slideshow below.