08/16/2013 09:20 am ET

Film Industry Counting On Hispanic Moviegoers


Hispanic moviegoers have come a long way since the 1997 movie Selena, Jennifer Lopez' first major breakout in Hollywood and a film that grossed over $100 million despite being based on a famous Hispanic singer and targeted squarely at a Hispanic audience.

Over the past few years, Hollywood has had success with Hispanic moviegoers in movies such as the Fast & Furious franchise and Paranormal Activity. Disney even added to the mix in Toy Story 3 — remember when Buzz started talking Spanish?

Hispanics in 2012 accounted for 25% of the movie tickets sold in the U.S. This sounds good to an industry that has seen declining movie attendance over the last few years. Hispanics being the fastest growing population in the U.S. not only means a new voice in the voting booths, but also a new revenue driver for Hollywood studios and movie theaters.

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