08/16/2013 05:01 am ET

'Graceland' Reveals Briggs' History, And Why Mike's Handler Is So Obsessed With Taking Him Down (VIDEO)

Mike finally learned why his handler, Juan, was so adamant in his mission to take down Briggs on "Graceland." Juan told him that Graceland wasn't the first house of its kind, and it wasn't the first house of its kind to have Briggs living in it. Briggs also worked out of a place called The Estate. But things didn't end well there.

“July 3, Briggs claims he went on vacation. July 20, the house burns down. The agents inside burn with it," Juan told him. "July 25, Briggs returns from his so-called vacation and learns that the house burned down.”

Despite it being ruled an electrical fire by the FBI, Juan was certain that Briggs had set that fire and burned down the house, killing one of Juan's close friends in the process. He also noted that Briggs turned up first to volunteer to be a part of Graceland.

“When paired with Briggs' erratic and incriminating behavior, Juan's story about ‘The Estate’ and the violent end to the experiment ... made Juan's insistence that Briggs is a baddie seem perfectly plausible for the first time in the series," wrote's MaryAnn Sleasman. "Maybe even obvious.”

But Mike wasn't not buying it for a second. He thought Juan is just trying to set up Briggs because of some crazed, obsessive vendetta. He didn't have any real proof against Briggs in The Estate fire. TV Fanatic's Chandel Charles was suspicious as well, pointing out that Juan mentioned Briggs was in a relationship with one of the other people living in the house.

“Is it possible that both Briggs and Juan shared feelings for the same woman?" wrote Chandel. "Seems to make sense from a storytelling standpoint. Nothing motivates like love and revenge, and it seems Juan has a classic case of both.”

The episode ended with Juan confronting Briggs, undercover as another major player in the drug world Briggs is a part of. Their confrontation escalated quickly and culminated in a shot that appeared to kill Juan. Did Briggs just kill Mike's handler? That should complicate things nicely!

"Graceland" continues on Thrusdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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