The CW Takes On Lauren Graham's 'Someday, Someday, Maybe' With Script Commitment

08/16/2013 05:24 pm 17:24:22 | Updated Aug 21, 2013

If you thought Lauren Graham's reign on The CW ended with "Gilmore Girls," think again: The "Parenthood" star is adapting her book "Someday, Someday, Maybe" for the network, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Even better, Ellen Degeneres is on board for the one-hour drama. Graham is set to write the script, while Degeneres will co-executive produce with Jeff Kleeman.

When "Someday, Someday, Maybe" came out on April 30, Graham told the Associated Press that the novel -- which is set in New York City in the mid-'90s and centers on Franny Banks, a young woman who has six months left in her three-year plan to make it as an actress -- would make a great TV show.

"[It] would be a compelling TV show because it lends itself to that serialization," she said, adding jokingly that she wouldn't mind having her onscreen daughter on board. "Mae Whitman will star as Franny Banks ... after she's done playing my daughter on 'Parenthood.'"

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