Being chosen as someone's maid of honor is, well, an honor! Of the many wonderful people in a bride's life -- her sisters, cousins, childhood BFFs and college roommates -- she picked you to be the one to stand by her side, both figuratively (through the ups and downs of planning a wedding) and literally (at the altar).

On Thursday, we asked our readers to share a photo of them with their maid of honor (or best man!) and tell us why they chose that person for the job. Click through the slideshow below for 12 amazing people these brides and grooms couldn't live without.

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  • "I chose Meghan because we've known each other since high school. She's been there for all the ups and downs of my relationship with my now-husband and has never been anything but supportive. Even though we live across the country from each other now, whenever we talk or see each other it's like we were never apart. To top it all off -- her maid of honor speech included a nod to our favorite show "Lost." - Cristina Watkins

  • "I chose my maid of honor because we have remained best friends since first grade. We went to different colleges and I have moved to four different states and we still care so much for each other. It is truly going to be a lifelong friendship! She is sweet, understanding, and so much fun!" - Haley Crawford

  • @steffygrizzle: "BFF since 1st grade who was with me the night I met my hubby and witnessed all our ups and downs!"

  • @ibride2bee: "Our kids -- seemed right for a second wedding. They know us better than anyone and no one loves us more!"

  • "I chose Shannon because we have been 'honorary sisters' for 15 years. She helped me get through a divorce and she helped guide me while I went on my journey to find true love. Shannon is still unmarried, even though she has had many serious relationships. Nevertheless, she was always so joyful, encouraging, and supportive in my sharing of my new relationship and eventual marriage. She was so happy for me even though the road hasn't been kind to her. She was a true little sister through thick and thin." - Hollee L. King

  • "I picked my older sister, Elena, as my matron of honor because she's one of my best friends in the whole wide world!" - Alison Jimenez

  • "Though we didn't grow up together, I have always felt very close to my half-sister and maid of honor, Michelle. We were raised very differently but I feel a closeness to Michelle that is completely unique to our relationship. Our different personalities only make us better advocates for each other. She gives me strength on days when strength is hard to come by and I know she knows I am a pillar for her as well. We are truly sisters." - Danielle Miller

  • @marleighsmom13: "My BFF @hannahwiseb. My daughter's godmother, who she's named after. She's my person."

  • "Lori and I were married on July 20th and it's the second marriage for both of us. My son, Brian, and her daughter, Karoline, acted as our best man and maid of honor." - Tony Chliek

  • "My maid of honor is my cousin Gianna. We were born 28 days apart and grew up in the same house." - Latasha Shepherd

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