08/16/2013 06:55 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2013

Oprah And Andy Cohen On 'WWHL' Is Our Dream Fulfilled (VIDEO)


OK. OK. OK. OK. So. OK.

Sorry. We just needed a moment because OPRAH was on ANDY COHEN'S SHOW last night. And we honestly never thought we'd see the day something as unbelievable as that would happen, and it was SO GOOD.

We will now tell you about some of the ways in which it was good.

First, Oprah was super ready for the craziness. She even told Andy Cohen when the last time she smoked weed was! (It was 1982.) And Andy Cohen was like, "Can you please slap me and yell at me like you did to that guy in 'The Butler,' which is your new movie coming out in theaters?" And Oprah went, "uh, sure!" and then slapped Andy Cohen and yelled at him and it was magic.


Second, while they spent the appropriate amount of time talking about the OWN network and how great it feels to be making money off of television instead of being perceived as a massive failure and all that stuff, they also spent the appropriate amount of time talking about some of the insanity that went on during the 25 seasons of Oprah's inimitable talk show, and they played this game called "Encycl-O-Pedia," and it was full of koala sex and off-key singing and bad hair and so many other things!

Also, Oprah said to Andy Cohen, "you carry the light," and everyone must have been jealous because wouldn't you want Oprah to tell you that you were carrying some light? It was a moment. Really, the whole thing was a moment. The only thing that would have been better was if Anderson Cooper had shown up.


Oprah's style evolution
Oprah's style evolution