08/19/2013 02:08 pm ET

9 Things We're Not Looking Forward To This Week

1. Summer Stockholm syndrome. Don't go, summer! We want to be hot and sticky forever.
waving at sun

2. Seeing people sweat as they prematurely bust out the fall wardrobe.
big sweater

3. Losing bets on the inevitable baby fight between Prince George and Baby North.
baby fight

4. Learning that baby fighting is illegal. :(
police officer

5. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert AND Jimmy Fallon are on hiatus.

6. Halloween costume idea stress increasing with each new pop-up store we spot.
halloween store

7. Realizing nothing is ever going to top this:

8. Feeling weird pressure from school supply sales to buy a Hello Kitty notebook.
hello kitty notebook

9. Vicious dogs gearing up to eat lots of homework.
dog folder


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