Amazon Review For File Folders Reveals A Little TMI (PHOTO)

08/19/2013 05:37 pm ET | Updated Aug 20, 2013

There's nothing we love more than stumbling upon a funny Amazon customer review.

The person who wrote the gem below, entitled "If you’re getting divorced you need these," really threw down the review gauntlet, as far as we're concerned. Take a look:

“These will help you organize your soul-crushing divorce into easy-to-find packets of misery when you have to go to court to battle your insane drug-addicted ex (again) over custody of your two traumatized children. Don’t put your pain in a pile! Let these hanging file folders neatly catalog the narrative of how you undid the worst mistake you’ve ever made. Your lawyer will thank you.”

To see the slightly embittered review in full, click the image below:

We can't vouch for the folders, but that is unequivocally a five-star Amazon review.

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