A Rare Look Inside Coco Chanel's Fabulous Parisian Apartment With Vogue TV (VIDEO)

08/19/2013 04:02 pm ET | Updated Aug 19, 2013

Coco Chanel was known for style, elegance and grace, so of course we wouldn't expect anything less from her own Paris apartment, 31 Rue Cambon -- and we were not disappointed. Vogue TV gives us exclusive access to her private quarters and it's filled with everything we'd imagine: tailored furnishings, gold gilded accessories and the smell of Chanel No. 5. (Apparently, when she was on her way home, her assistants would spray the staircase with her signature scent.)

The home has been left virtually untouched since her death in 1971. The only two pieces of significance that were added were a gorgeous silk slipper chair that she was photographed sitting in during a Hearst photo shoot, and another smaller chair that she would perch on while she oversaw fittings.

The rooms also hold a collection of lions. Why? Ms. Chanel was a Leo. Coco Chanel was born on this day, August 19, in 1883.

Her legend lives on...

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