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Patton Oswalt Trolls Twitter Conservatives With Brilliant Lesson

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SANTA BARBARA, CA - FEBRUARY 03: Actor Patton Oswalt on stage at the Virtuosos Award Tribute at the Arlington Theatre on February 3, 2012 in Santa Barbara, California. (Photo by Jensen Sutta/WireImage) | Getty

On Saturday, Patton Oswalt pulled off a truly masterful Twitter prank. Not only did he spark the ire and fury of conservatives on the social networking site, he proved an important point about context in comedy, and in argument in general.

He's long been a champion of free speech in comedy -- sometimes controversially -- and that reached a boiling point earlier this summer when he tangled with Salon over an article criticizing one of his tweets. But this time, conservatives on Twitter were the target of his experiment.

The comedian and writer rattled off a series of tweets that started innocuous...

Patton Oswalt
When it comes to doing laundry, I firmly believe in using environment-friendly detergent and I ALSO believe

...and then followed with a second part that, as an isolated tweet, meant something horribly different. Cue the outraged RTs.

Patton Oswalt
whites and "darks" should be kept separate. Sorry if that sounds too "tree-huggy" to my conservative followers.

He sent out a number of tweets following this format throughout the afternoon.

Patton Oswalt
Oh, you think repealing voting laws in the south is justified, you racist asshole? I suppose you ALSO believe that

Patton Oswalt
Hitler was absolutely right about the Jews. And I don't care how many "white power" redneck followers I lose by Tweeting that.

Patton Oswalt
These idiots who deny that clumsy change is real, and a pressing threat are no different from misogynists who claim that

Patton Oswalt
Women enjoy rape. Grow the fuck up, all of you.

Patton Oswalt
For you simpletons who see everything in "black" and "white": if racism, misogyny, hatred and fear are BLACK, then

Patton Oswalt
My grandchildren had better be WHITE. And I mean PURE WHITE, or we're not going to have a country anymore.

Patton Oswalt
And I'm sorry, but I fucking HATE FOX NEWS. Bunch of race-baiting corporate shills. All of their medieval, fact-free clapt

Patton Oswalt
Rap is performed by monkeys in expensive clothes. Sorry if I offended you, white conservatives, but it's the truth.

While the #tcot crowd was predictably tone deaf about his jokes (and thus proving his point entirely), he received wide praise from his peers.

Jimmy Kimmel
.@pattonoswalt just brought twitter to a thrilling and exquisite conclusion. We should all get off now.

Anna Kendrick
this is my favorite thing that you, or anyone, has done with Twitter.

Joss Whedon
-- that was a dazzling run. Comedy isn't tragedy + time, it's rage + structure.

The moral of the story? The default position of "outrage" is a sign of the willfully ignorant. Thanks, Patton Oswalt, for actually doing something useful with Twitter.

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