'Scandal' Adds Cynthia Stevenson For 'Pivotal' Guest Role

08/19/2013 10:40 pm ET | Updated Aug 20, 2013

Stevenson will play a new client seeking assistance from Olivia Pope and Associates, in what THR describes as "a pivotal guest role." No further details on Stevenson's character are available at this time.

The actress has previously appeared on all three of Shonda Rhimes' prior ABC series -- she had guest roles in "Grey's Anatomy" Season 6 in an episode titled "Blink," "Private Practice" Season 5 in an episode called "Step One," and "Off the Map's" first and only season in the episode "Hold on Tight."

While Rhimes has been characteristically tight-lipped about the arc for the third season, she recently told HuffPost TV that fans should continue to expect the unexpected, in true "Scandal" fashion: "We're going to dive into a lot of things at the beginning of Season 3. The first episode, much like all of our other episodes, does that thing where you think the show is going to be about this and then they answer something very quickly and then they move onto something else."

What do you think Stevenson's "pivotal" guest spot will entail? Hit the comments with your theories.

"Scandal" Season 3 premieres Thursday, Oct. 3 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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