Wade Miley Pranked By Diamondback Teammates (VIDEO)

08/19/2013 04:23 pm ET | Updated Aug 19, 2013

In addition to posting a consistently solid sophomore season for the Arizona Diamondbacks, starting pitcher Wade Miley is apparently also known for his enthusiastic affinity for lottery tickets. According to, scratching off lotto tickets has been a weekly Sunday hobby for Miley and the team's mental skills coach Pete Crone.

Last week, Miley's teammates decided to have a little fun at the 26-year-old's expense, slipping a fake scratch-off amongst the rest of the pile.

After a moment of jubilation, Miley was brought back down to earth when Crone noticed there was an inordinate amount of people in the training room watching them. It wasn't long before footage of the prank surfaced on MLB Network's "Intentional Talk."

"They set me up," Miley said. "The whole world knows now."

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