Talk about a case of the Mondays.

A man in Spartanburg, S.C. is accused of refusing to pay his tab because it was a Monday, and he is from the North.

Brottany Dawkins, 27, was charged with defrauding a restaurant and providing false information to police, according to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office.

WSPA reported that Dawkins ran a tab of nearly $32 at a Wild Wing Cafe but attempted to leave without paying several times. Dawkins allegedly said he didn't have the money to pay for two salads and three alcoholic drinks.

After notifying the police, Dawkins told an officer, "It was OK to take the food because he is from the North and it's Monday," according to the incident report.

Unfortunately for Northerner Dawkins, Southern hospitality doesn't extend to skipping out on a bill.

Earlier this month, Reno man Saul Zelaznog was publicly shamed on Facebook after skipping out on a $100 bar tab. The bar's public shaming went viral, and Zelaznog was arrested.

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  • Ace of Spades champagne

    Brottany Dawkins brags about his bottle of Ace of Spades champaign that he allegedly received from a client. A bottle of the Jay-Z favorite goes for around $300. A quick reverse image search showed the photo has been used plenty of times before -- meaning Dawkins likely grabbed the photo online.

  • H8ers make him famous

    Brottany Dawkins got some unwanted fame after "haters" at a Wild Wings got police involved when he attempted to skip out on his $32 dollar tab because "it's a Monday" and he's "from the north."

  • Wild Wings

    Brottany Dawkins enjoys his "entrepreneur life" at Wild Wings a month before being arrested there.

  • Brottany Dawkins

    Brottany Dawkins was arrested after police say he tried to skip out on his tab because it was a Monday.

  • Going To Crush August

    Brottany Dawkins, who police say tried to walk out on a restaurant tab because "it's Monday" tells Facebook how much he loves Monday mornings and how he will "crush August" two weeks before his arrest.

  • If you go into debt...

    Brottany Dawkins quotes entrepreneur and public speaker Seth Godin on the importance of not going into debt just a couple of weeks before allegedly refusing to pay his tab at a Wild Wings in Spartanburg, SC