08/20/2013 05:19 pm ET

Reform Would Shut Down Certain Immigration Scams


Few problems facing the country today are quite as complex, or as intractable, as immigration reform, an issue that has dogged three administrations and suffered uncountable setbacks in just the last decade alone. Clinton espoused it, Bush attempted it, and now Obama is trying to complete it, though success is far from assured. Our immigration system is certainly flawed. Tens of thousands of people come flooding across the vast and just about un-monitorable U.S. border, not just at our Southern border with Mexico, but also north through Canada and at coastlines up and down the U.S. This is all in addition to the prohibitively complex visa system, which has led to problems of its own. A lot has been written, then, about the necessity of immigration reform, and how it can be achieved — but what are some of the specific problems happening right now, especially the day-to-day scams that immigration reform would address and end?

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