Mischa Barton Hits Up Chateau Marmont In Los Angeles

08/21/2013 10:40 am ET

Mischa Barton hit up Los Angeles hot spot Chateau Marmont Tuesday night wearing mustard-colored pants and a black leather jacket. The 27-year-old former "O.C." star has remained relatively out of the spotlight since her hit Fox series, though she remains a working actress.

Earlier this month, Barton told Us Weekly magazine that she didn't imagine an "O.C." reunion in the near future, saying that such a thing wouldn't "feel right." Said Barton: “You know –- never say never, but, I think things have to feel right and it doesn’t feel right. You can’t say that you feel one way or another about things, but before ‘The O.C.’ I was on track to do some great films, as well, and one thing happens and then I got this mega stardom all from this show. It is what it is, but I’m not looking to get sucked back into the limelight of it."


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