08/22/2013 03:17 pm ET

Lisa Clinard Gives Birth In Helicopter

As numerous mothers can attest, when a baby decides it's time to come out, there's very little anyone can do. New mom Lisa Clinard found this out the hard way when she gave birth in a helicopter last month.

According to local NBC affiliate KMIR, the California woman unexpectedly welcomed daughter Courtney Rose 6,000 feet above the ground on July 31 while being airlifted to a nearby airport. Not due until September, Clinard initially told doctors she thought she might have kidney stones -- that is, until her water broke.

"They decided to bring in the helicopter," Clinard told KMIR. "And I actually said 'Okay, as long as I don't give birth in a helicopter' and they said that won't happen. We assumed we had plenty of time, and we did not."

When it became clear the baby was on her way, flight nurse Edgar Lampano sprang into action as the Mercy 18 helicopter sped toward the Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California.

"It was a very exciting experience, and I'm just glad to hear that the mom and baby are doing great," Lampano told KMIR.

Although many of her friends think the story's pretty cool, Clinard said she wouldn't recommend her unconventional delivery location.

“The experience in itself was scary and painful and I was worried about her [the baby] and what could’ve happened," Clinard told local site "But she’s doing great."

Lisa's husband, Marine Staff Sgt. Josh Clinard, noted that his daughter's birthplace caused a few paperwork snafus as well. Since Courtney Rose wasn't born in a hospital, the Clinard's had to register her birth specially with the county, as well as obtain documents not typically needed by new parents, such as the helicopter flight record, reports

Staff Sgt. Clinard told "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday that although he was sad to have missed his daughter's birth, the most important thing is that his family is healthy and safe.


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