08/22/2013 01:47 pm ET

Ze Frank 'Fitting In Cardboard': Humorist Explains Why It's OK If You Don't Fit In (VIDEO)

You probably know Ze Frank best as the funny dude with the hilarious animal videos, but his latest installment takes on a more serious topic: What it feels like when you don't fit in -- and why that's OK.

Using cardboard as a metaphor, Frank explains how growing up, he didn't quite fit the mold among his peers.

"When I was young I had this feeling that there was this handbook that I had never gotten that explained how to be, how to laugh, what to wear, how to stand by yourself in the hallway," says Frank in a voice-over. "Everyone looked so natural -- like they all practiced and knew exactly what to do -- even the way they pushed their hair out of their face."

Watch in the powerful video above.

Frank recalled his experience as the "opposite," noting how self-conscious he was and how he imagined everyone compared notes on how he didn't fit in. But even after creating a different "version" of himself to be accepted, he eventually discovered "fitting in" isn't something that can be learned or practiced.

"The way to become natural -- like I wanted to be so badly -- is forgetting what you're trying to be to other people, and if there is a handbook, you probably get to write it yourself," concludes Frank.

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