You want your toddler to stop crying. You also want her to learn her animals. Put that together and what do you get? An almost foolproof method for calming a cranky kiddo.

While this approach might seem like a magic trick, distraction is one of the methods experts and parents recommend when it comes to tackling tantrums. Given the number of hilarious things kids under 4 freak out about, it's nice to know there is an equally amusing solution.

All together now -- What does the cow say? Mooooo...

And here are just a few of the reasons your kid is crying...

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  • We would not let him drive this Porsche.

  • This cat is helping him finish his mashed potatoes.

  • I wouldn’t let him demo (destroy) all the items in this Apple Store.

  • We took away his baby powder.

  • We introduced him to his older brother for the first time.

  • He is shopping for mango juicers at Bed Bath and Beyond. With Fabio.

  • I sneezed.

  • I wouldn’t let him get a tattoo.

  • Her mother didn’t pick her up quickly enough.

  • I wouldn’t let him play in the knife drawer.

  • He is done with lunch.

  • We let him play on the grass.

  • He wasn’t allowed to scald himself with hot tea.

  • I wouldn’t let him play with the knife I used to cut the sandwich…that he threw on the floor.

  • We gave him delicious pudding.

  • I made him the jam sandwich he wanted.

  • He was thirsty. I shared my juice with him.

  • The neighbor’s dog isn’t outside.

  • I washed the dirt and sand off his pear.

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