Max Schneider's Mashes Katy Perry's 'Roar' With Neon Trees' 'Animal' In Epic Medley (VIDEO)

08/23/2013 03:37 pm 15:37:58

Though it's stirred up quite the controversy, there's one thing you have to admit: Katy Perry's "Roar" is super catchy. So it doesn't really come as a surprise that Max Schneider decided to put his own twist on it.

Strumming his ukulele (we're sensing a theme here this week), the YouTube star has taken the feel-good anthem and combined it with Neon Trees' "Animal," creating a magical mashup medley. While it's not quite on the same level as this 9-year-old's amazing version, we love us a good Max Schneider medley. Watch in the video above.

Happy listening!

What do you think of Max's mashup medley? What your favorite "Roar" cover so far? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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